12 July, 2021

15 routines to boost your productivity

Routines are those habits that help us improve, prioritize our lives and make us more efficient.

We are always thinking about how to make better use of our time and be able to do many more things. But how do you decide which routines to incorporate into your life? Here are some that may be useful:

1. Get up at your own pace

We are not all the same; some people benefit from getting up early. However, many are nocturnal and are more productive at night, and getting up early will not help them.
Try to know yourself a little more, your body will indicate when it is time to sleep, get up, and get to know yourself better, and thus you will know what your most productive hours are. Knowing yourself will allow you to get enough sleep and plan your days more successfully.

2. Put your phone away when you wake up

According to Jim Kwik, an expert in brain performance, it is not advisable to look at the phone as soon as you wake up or in the first hour of the day. This is because the brain is suggestible, causing our brain to be distracted by the release of dopamine released by electronic devices and affecting productivity the rest of the day.

Another consequence of checking the phone early is that you often start your day with negative news or work-related stress. Which is not the most recommended; it is essential to start the day always with a positive attitude and mind.

3. Have breakfast

The body, after a rest, needs food to have energy during the day. Look for healthy options like eggs, avocado, green smoothies, and even a cup of coffee. The above will not only help you to have energy for the day, but even your brain will also be benefited, as this helps you have better concentration and memory.

4. Get moving

Performing a physical activity, just getting up, allows laziness and the desire to procrastinate to decrease. In addition, this will help you de-stress, clear your mind and improve your health.

5. Meditate

The fight against anxiety is something never-ending, this often hinders your daily work and even takes away your sleep. Meditating probably won't eliminate anxiety, but it allows you to calm down and focus on your activities if it does decrease it. The most important thing is that this activity can be done anywhere and at any time.

To meditate

6. Make your bed

According to Admiral William H. McRaven, "By making your bed each morning, you will have completed the day's first task; this will make you proud and motivated to do the next task, and the next and the next. At the end of the day, that first completed task will have turned into many tasks performed" in other words, a task as simple as making the bed is a great way to start a productive day.

7. Recite affirmations (Be Positive)

The affirmations you say can transform your day, the way you think, and make you feel like you can go beyond your belief. Statements like "Today will be a good day" can make a difference. This helps you focus on a want to achieve and freed up your positive thinking neurons.

8. Read

Reading, believe it or not, helps you develop new ideas and perspectives, reduces stress, broadens your knowledge, and improves concentration, attention, and memory.

9. Organize you time

It is important to organize your day, so you will know what things you should do and with what kind of priority, you will know what you are pending in the day and how much time you have to finish it.

10. Make fewer decisions

It consists of reserving your energy and will for something that matters; if you occupy your time making a minor decision, you will have decision fatigue, and you will be less productive.

11. Dress to Succeed

It is important that you feel safe, other people will trust you more. In addition, good clothes give good impressions generating positive and authoritative reactions from others.

Business people

12. Focus on yourself

Not everything in life is work, your personal time is also important, dedicate some time, use it to rest, play and learn. Otherwise, you will end up exhausted before time.

13. Socialize

This does not mean that you should spend all day socializing in the office, but if it's important that you establish a dialogue with others at some point, this will fill you with happiness, and commitment and give you a healthy lifestyle.

If you work remotely, you can suggest meeting via videoconference with your team.

14. Organize your workspace

Having your workspace tidy prevents your mind from wandering to the clutter that you have around you, try to keep the space clean to find things easily.

15. Leave work at the office

It is important to know how to separate the spaces, not take work home, and when you are spending time with family or friends, focus on those good moments. Do not respond to work messages, much less unload stress on others.

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